A Bail Bonds Service & EHM, Electric Home Monitoring, Mount Vernon, WA

Angies Bail Bonds is a bail bonding service serving
Skagit, Snohomish, and Whatcom Counties in Washington

Arrested, Bail Bonds in Mount Vernon, WA
We want you to get out of jail fast! Our professional teams of bail agents are located across the street from the jail and available 24 hours a day for the fastest release possible.

Specializing in all areas of arrests, first-time misdemeanors, felonies, and out of state charges. We are the only company to offer Home Detention Services (EHM) and alcohol monitoring if that is required by the court.

Recommended by leading attorneys. Angies Bail Bond Service Inc. is THE Choice for reliable, fair, honest and quick service.

Call us now at (360) 336-5003 for more information and we will also answer any questions you have 24/7.

Bail Bond Service

ABBS provides a fast, confidential, and courteous service by one of our expert bail agents to get your loved ones out of jail as quick and stress free as possible. Competitive rates, flexible payments plans, and reliable agents help conveniently expedite your bail bond experience.


Home Monitoring Service - (EHM)

Stay out of jail post sentencing by discretely "doing your time", while at home caring for your family, maintaining employment, and fulfilling your court requirements all at the same time. The ankle bracelet is a perfect alternative to jail for the responsible person, that wants to satisfy their commitment and move forward with their life.

Alcohol Monitoring

If the court has ordered you to some type of alcohol monitoring, DP is your only choice for trustworthy accountability. Provides clients with the latest monitoring technology of SCRAM, which stands for (Secure, Continuous, Reliable, Alcohol , Monitoring). Applied as a ankle bracelet this device securely and continuously monitors the BAC level. Over 187,000 offenders nationwide have been monitored by this affordable and reliable alternative to jail.

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Crimes Serviced:

• DUI & DWI Traffic Violations
• Assault & Battery
• Drug Crimes
• Investigations on all Alleged Crimes
• Domestic Violence
• Theft
• Vandalism
• Sexual Crimes
• Business Crimes
• Homicide
• First-Time Offenders
• Large Bond

Courts Serviced:

• County Courts • District Courts • Federal Courts • Municipal Courts
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Shielah Ensley, Bail Bond Agents in Mount Vernon, WA



Martha Deleon, Bail Bond Agents in Mount Vernon, WA



Leslie Noblet, Bail Bond Agents in Mount Vernon, WA



Laura Deleon, Bail Bond Agents in Mount Vernon, WA



Angie Watson, Bail Bond Agents in Mount Vernon, WA


Agent List:
Shielah Ensley, Martha Deleon, Leslie Noblet, Laura Deleon, & Angie Watson
(Agents Combined Experience, 40 Years)

Locally & Female Owned | Recommended by Leading Attorneys in Skagit County, Snohomish, & Whatcom Counties.
Nationwide Bail Affiliates to post bonds anywhere in the US. EHM is available throughout Washington state upon individual court approval.

Rely on Us for Trustworthy, Confidential Services That include: Bail by Phone, Spanish Speaking, One-on-One Attention, Home Monitoring

Licensed, Bonded, & Insured (License # 1955) |

Professional Bail Agents Association | Washington State Bail Agent Association